To rent a vehicle, you need to fill the booking form - avalible on our website (link). After filling the form, our representative will gladly contact you to talk details. You can also call us at +48 661 119 119 - our 24/7 hotline.
A valid driver's license (with an appropriate category) and a second form of ID - a passport, or a personal ID card.
All the prices are avalible here (link)
Every agreement you sign will have a certain limit of kilometers to drive.
Yes, however there is a specified payment for it - 0.2PLN per each kilometer.
The deposit is our safety measure we take in case anything goes wrong on the part of the customer. It is in form of a pre-autorisation to freeze a specified ammount on your debit/credit card. There is however also an option to fron the deposit in cash.
Of course. As long, as the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it left - the whole deposit is returned to the customer.
Yes, we deliver anywhere across Poland.
That depends on the location you want your car delivered to. We encourage to familiarize yourself with our current special offers (link), to make sure you're not entitled to a free delivery
Enough to posses a driver's license - which currently is 18 years old.
Yes, however Rent'n'GO has to be pre-informed about this taking place.
No, we will never want any additional money for an this kind of thing.
Yes. Rent'n'GO has to be pre-informed about this however, and it is subject to an additional payment of 100PLN. We do not permit the cars to be driven to Russia, Ukrain or Belarus.
Absolutely not. All the costs are calculated during compiling the rent, we do not create any additional costs, as long, as the conditions specified in the agreement are met.
Yes, we encourage you to check out the "vehicle with the violator's OC" tab in our offer.
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  • All-day hotline+48 661 119 119

  • Short-term rental+48 661 119 119

  • Long-term rental+48 601 540 054

We guarantee our customers

  • 1a

    Custom-tailored paperwork

    Every customer is unique. Our customers can always modify the agreement into operational leasing, financial leasing, or long-term vehicle lease.

  • 1b

    Constant technical support

    We care about both our customers, and our cars and we dedicate our 24/7 care and attention. We have acces to authorized workshops across the country.

  • 1c

    Full disclosure

    We know how important it is in business to keep things in plain view, thus we will do all we can to meet on the same level at every stage of our cooperation.

  • 1d

    Competitive prices

    Because we know, that to well operate a fleet of cars, we have to minimize all costs – including vehicles, and their servicing.