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Long-term rent

The offer is directed towards clients, looking for a vehicle for 24 to 72 months, as an alternative for buying or leasing a car. It is a perfect solution for companies, as well as individual clients. We have highlighted the three main categories of benefits that this kind of rental will have.

The benefit packageYour comfort is our priority. Compose a benefit package for your precise needs

  • 1a


  • 2a


  • 3a


  • 7a


1aA custom-tailored offer

Our team will do their best to help you select the exact car you need.

2aConfigure the car

We offer you all the major automobile brands avalible on the Polish market, as well as a full customization of the car’s equipment

Suit your needs

We offer you the following set of optional choices:

  • Financing

    24 to 72 moth renting period. The first payment ranges from 0 to 40 percent. Conscent to purchase the vehicle

  • 5aInsurance

    Choosing the Assistance 24/7 package in Poland and Europe

  • 6aServicing

    Service Concierge 24/7 package, changing and retaining of the tires.

Pick up your dream vehicle

After finalizing the composition, one of our people will deliver the car to your specified adress.

Why rent long-term? Discover the benefits for you and your company.

  • Lower monthly installments against the traditional bank lease
  • Installment, which is entirely the cost of recieving income
  • Costs outside of the balance sheet, so it doesnt extend the credit rating of your company
  • Stable monthly installments, insuring simple budgeting
  • Lower total exploitation costs (10%-30%)
  • Use of the purchasing power of our company
  • Stable, guaranteed payments
  • The possible rises of costs will only affect our side – not you
  • All administrative and operational dealings we handle for you
  • One delivery, one innvoice
  • We offer changing the range of services mid-term
  • New vehicle every 3-4 years

Discover the benefits and possibilities of long-term rental in Poland


According to the data, published by the Polish Association of Leasing and Rental of Motor Vehicles (PZWLP), the speed of growth of the long-term rental industry has increased in Poland in the second quater of 2016, capping at 9.4%.

Every fith new company passanger car in Poland has been purchased in a long-term rent plan. The rise in popularity of long-term rent is also clear when looked at from the point of view of how many cars bought in total have been bought to be used as long-term rental vehicles. The number of such purposed vehicles purchased has risen by 5% in the second quater of 2016 – from 15% to 20.5%.

PZWLP Source data (Polish Association of Vehicle Rental and Leasing)

Want to know all the pros of long-term rent?

Contact our expert to compile an offer specifically for you.

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