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Luxury & Sport

To meet your every need, our company offers a wide variety of luxury and sport vehicles. Our Warsaw branch is equipped with many SPORT class cars, like the VW Scirocco R, BMW M3, BMW M6, and Aston Martin Rapid S. In our LUXURY category we can offer you, among others: BMW X5, BMW series 7, Audi S8, Mercedes S63 AMG – long version.

If you decide to go with either SPORT or LUXURY class, we promise you the highest quality experience and full satisfaction.

Our premium class vehicles are usually rented for ceremonies, such as weddings, bachelor parties marketing campaigns and all kinds of film productions, such as adwork and music videos. We are an elastic company, easily adapting to your needs, and thus we’re very open to any new projects, that will give us more and more challanging ways to fulfil your needs.
Rent’n’GO puts professionalism first. We stand by what we agree upon and we make every deadline.

Our HQ is located in Warsaw. If you would be interested in our offer, we urge you to contact us for cooperation. We promise to find the right car for the right occasion for you.

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We guarantee our customers

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    Custom-tailored paperwork

    Every customer is unique. Our customers can always modify the agreement into operational leasing, financial leasing, or long-term vehicle lease.

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    Constant technical support

    We care about both our customers, and our cars and we dedicate our 24/7 care and attention. We have acces to authorized workshops across the country.

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    Full disclosure

    We know how important it is in business to keep things in plain view, thus we will do all we can to meet on the same level at every stage of our cooperation.

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    Competitive prices

    Because we know, that to well operate a fleet of cars, we have to minimize all costs – including vehicles, and their servicing.