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Short-term rent

Rent’n’GO guarentees you your chosen vehicle at any moment. Short-term rent an agreement signed for between one and thirty days. All the necessary paperwork has been maximally simplified – B category valid driver’s license, and a personal ID or a passport, that’s all you need to sign it. Also – contrary to most rental services – we have no age restrictions whatsoever. As long as you are allowed to drive a vehicle by law, and thus have no less than 18 years of age, we dont need anything else.


Benefits stemming from short-term rental:

  • book and collect at any time
  • competetive prices
  • ability to extend the rental period
  • cashless payments
  • ability to add the rental costs to the income invoice
  • navigational systems avalible
  • full customer service and technical service
  • wide variety of automobile models
  • if renting for over 3 full days – free delivery
  • 10% off for weekends, when renting from friday to monday
  • Do you have any questions?Talk to our specialist

  • All-day hotline+48 661 119 119

  • Short-term rental+48 661 119 119

  • Long-term rental+48 601 540 054

We guarantee our customers

  • 1a

    Custom-tailored paperwork

    Every customer is unique. Our customers can always modify the agreement into operational leasing, financial leasing, or long-term vehicle lease.

  • 1b

    Constant technical support

    We care about both our customers, and our cars and we dedicate our 24/7 care and attention. We have acces to authorized workshops across the country.

  • 1c

    Full disclosure

    We know how important it is in business to keep things in plain view, thus we will do all we can to meet on the same level at every stage of our cooperation.

  • 1d

    Competitive prices

    Because we know, that to well operate a fleet of cars, we have to minimize all costs – including vehicles, and their servicing.